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Writer’s Toolbox⁠TM is the brainchild of education innovator Dr Ian Hunter. Concerned about falling writing standards in his university students, Dr Hunter began a 25 year research project to develop a writing system that every student could master.
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Writer’s Toolbox⁠TM

Writer’s Toolbox⁠TM: an online educational writing tool built expressly to mirror the Hunter System and raise student ability level in writing
This cloud-based online writing tool provides the student with an interactive environment where their writing skills are both reinforced and extended. Students can practice writing techniques they learn in class and gauge and monitor their own progress. The key advantage of this purpose-built educational writing tool is feedback. Artificial Intelligence built into the tool reads student work and provides individualised feedback according to the student’s age and ability level. What’s more, the tool plots a learning journey for each student so that their writing skill level and cognitive processing skills around writing advance.
“Making a new generation of teachers—from every subject area—proficient in writing instruction is our goal.”
Dr Ian Hunter
Dr Ian Hunter
Continual AI Performance
The key advantage of this purpose built educational writing tool is feedback. Artificial intelligence built into the tool reads student work and provides individualised feedback according to the student’s age and ability level.

Our Story

What began in 2012 as an online writing tool has developed into the world’s most advanced educational writing tool. Students seamlessly complete work remotely in a fully-scaffolded online world. Easy to use interfaces deliver content-rich tasks across any written subject. No other writing programme in the world takes the student from Year 3 to their final senior year in an explicit, structured program of incremental skill development.
“The writing challenge our students and teachers face is significant. What I have endeavoured to do is to meet this challenge in a way that means teachers and students just get it—by removing the jargon around writing and by teaching explicit, easy-to-understand strategies to improve writing whatever the subject area.”
Dr Hunter begins research into teaching effective writing at university level
Release of Writer’s Toolbox! Tertiary Edition: Dr Hunter’s first book outlining the Hunter Writing System
Writer’s Toolbox! High School Edition released
Development of the online writing tool begins in December
St Paul’s Collegiate becomes the first school in the world to sign up to the online tool based on Dr Hunter’s pencil drawings
Release of version 2, with additional features including Freewriter
30,000 students using online tool in schools and New Zealand. 2015 also sees the first adoption of the online tool by overseas schools and the launch of diagnostic writing tests (CSI) online.
Work commences on Writer’s Toolbox — placed to be the first AI driven educational writing tool
Writer’s Toolbox launched in Brisbane, Australia on Valentine’s Day
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