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Instant Writes for your Class

The Writer’s Toolbox Daily Challenge is the sure-fire way to tickle minds, fire imaginations, and get students producing emotive written texts they can be proud of.  

Watch your classroom come alive as students compete to include wacky words and dodge banality. 

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Exclusive to Writer’s Toolbox, students submit their completed Daily Challenge responses to our world-class AI marker and get instant, targeted feedback on their writing.  

As a teacher, Daily Challenges allow you to focus on supporting individual learners while the rest of your class is engaged in writing from the get-go.  

Available daily in Primary and Secondary flavours and delivered in time for the morning bell, our ten-to-fifteen minute Daily Challenges always start with an inspiring image.  Accompanied with a writing prompt—never the same, always fun—your students will unleash their full arsenal of writing skills.

The Writer’s Toolbox Daily Challenge is already loved by tens of thousands of students and teachers all over the world. Click here to get a week's worth of Daily Challenges for free. 

Let’s go!

Watch below to hear about the Writer’s Toolbox Daily Challenges from a student perspective. 




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