/ Five Ideas to Introduce your Students to the Learning Journey
Five Ideas to Introduce your Students to the Learning Journey

Welcome to Writer’s Toolbox.  We hope you’re feeling awesome.  Whether it’s an exciting Monday—as if there is any other kind—or a TGI-Friday, our Learning Journey is awaiting you and your class.

Containing redux language modules and then some, our Learning journey guides your students developmentally through every writing skill they need to be the best writer.

You’ll find everything you and your students need behind the big blue Learning Journey button on your Writer’s Toolbox homepage.TEMPLATE4

When you're ready, let’s go. Here are five quick ideas to get the ball rolling. 

 Here are five quick ideas to get the ball rolling.  

  • Play the promo video for the new Learning Journey to lift those classroom spirits.

  • Put students into groups, set a three-minute timer, and ask them to report back on the five coolest things they’ve found—or five differences.

  • Competition time: who can get 80% in the first module quiz? 

  • Pair students: A and B.  Ask the A's to read the first module text and recount it to the B's, who then do the first module quiz to see how well the A's paraphrased.  Then swap for the Story Challenge quiz.

  • After students have been on the Learning Journey for their allotted time, get them going on one of the two writing tasks which are sitting in your Toolbox account.  Feel free to tailor them to your students.


Let us know how you go on our Writer's Toolbox Community Facebook group. 

If you have any questions, check our Learning Journey FAQs

Feel free to email us at support@wtbox.com.

And most importantly, have a great day.  You’ve got this.

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