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Learning Journey Manager FAQs

We hope you're as excited as we are to get cracking with the new Learning Journey Manager. 

Before you do anything else,  we strongly recommend you watch our Quick Start Video.  The video contains the essential functions to get you started in the Learning Journey Manager.

Now that you've watched the video, if you still have questions, read on. 


How do I access the new Learning Journey?

Everything is waiting behind the big green ‘School Admin’ button on your dashboard.  From there, select the class you want to view and click on the ‘Learning Journey’ tab.

Group Edit 01


Why can't I create custom Learning Journeys?

As a teacher, your default mode for the Learning Journey Manager only allows you to view student progress, and lock and unlock Stages.  This is because each student only has ONE Learning Journey, so customising it will affect the student’s Learning Journey for every class they take. 

If you want to create a custom Learning Journey—reorder, add, or remove modules—your Writer’s Toolbox School Administrator can enable this function for your class.

Your Writer's Toolbox School Administrator is usually the member of staff who supplied you with your Writer's Toolbox login.  See below for more information. 


How do I see a student’s Writing Ability Level?

Each student’s Writing Ability Level is shown in the circle next to their avatar.  Click the student’s avatar to see further details, such as Year Level and metrics.
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How is student progress shown in the Learning Journey Manager?

Student progress is measured using a traffic light system.  

  • Green means students have an average achievement rate of 80% for the Activities they have completed in a Module. 
  • Amber shows students have an average achievement rate of 50 - 79% for the Activities they have completed in a Module.
  • Red indicates students have an average achievement rate of less than 50% for the Activities they have completed in a Module.

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Do students need to complete all the Activities in a Module?

Yes.  Your students must get at least 80% in every Activity in a Module, and complete every Module in a Stage before they can move on to the next Stage. 

In this example, the student has only completed four of the six Activities in the last Module of Stage 1.
85 tinified3

This means they cannot access the next Stage until they get at least 80% in the two remaining Activities.


Can I stop speedy students from moving too far ahead?

Indeed, you can.  The far left padlock at the top of each stage will lock the stage for your whole class.  Each student also has their own padlock, so you can lock a stage for one or a group of students. 

Stage Lock tinified

For example, lock Stage 2, and none of your class can start it, even when they have achieved over 80% for all the modules in Stage 1.

Lock Stage 2 tinified


What’s the Filter button for?

In the whole class view, all the Modules your students need to complete—regardless of their writing ability or custom Learning Journey—will show in each Stage.

Therefore, you may want to filter your view by clicking the ‘Filter’ box.  This allows you to view your class by student, year level, ability level, group, and Learning Journey.
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Why can’t I see all the students in my class?

Check you don’t have any filters on.  You can reset your view by clicking the ‘Clear filter’ button.


What powers do I have as a Writer’s Toolbox School Administrator?

You have full control of all features of the Learning Journey Manager.  Most importantly, this means you can:

  • create custom Learning Journeys.
  • give teachers permission to customise Learning Journeys.


Warning: Each student only has ONE Learning Journey, so customising it will affect the student’s Learning Journey for every class they take.  Creating a custom Learning Journey is an important academic decision, which should be first discussed with all staff involved. 


As the Writer’s Toolbox School Administrator, how do I enable custom Leaning Journeys for teachers?

From your dashboard, click the green ‘School Admin’ button.  Select a class, then click ‘Edit Class’.  Enable the ‘Can customise Learning Journeys?’ box, and ‘Save’.

This means that any teacher of that class can now create custom Learning Journeys.  


We hope you and your students benefit from the Learning Journey Manager.

We’ll be posting a new video on creating custom learning journeys soon.  In the meanwhile, if you have any further questions, reach out to support@wtbox.com

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