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New Writer's Toolbox Learning Journey - FAQs

We hope you're all set to go with the new Learning Journey.  Below we answer your top-of-mind questions.


How do I access the new Learning Journey?

Everything is waiting behind the big blue ‘Learning Journey’ button on your dashboard.


 What’s in the new Learning Journey?

We’re so excited to share the new student Learning Journey with you.  Here’s the lowdown:

Every Writing Ability Level has an interactive map with ten Stages.  Clicking on these Stages guides students through their language and writing skill development for an entire school year.
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All ten Stages contain a range of new learning Modules.
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Each Module teaches a specific language and writing skill and includes a range of interactive Activities, Story Challenges, Quizzes, and Video content.
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How will the student learning experience change?

Autonomy is king as students track their own progress through each year’s Map.  Progress is saved—same as usual—and can be accessed at any time in each Module, and in more detail by clicking ‘Results’ on the stage page.
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How do my students access new Stages?

To progress through the Learning Journey, students need to complete every Module in their current Stage.  Once students have at least 80% in every Module—and watched the Video if there is one—their next Stage will unlock.


Will student progress transfer from the old Learning Journey?

Yes.  The point each student progressed to on the old Learning Journey is transferred to the appropriate Stage in the new Learning Journey.  Because all Modules have brand new content—Activities, Stories, Quizzes—individual student scores have been reset.  All previous individual progress is, however, maintained in the school-wide data view.


What if my class has students on different writing ability levels?

Importantly, all students in your class will see the same Learning Journey Map.  But, students set to different Writing Ability Levels may see different learning Modules within each Stage.


How do I leave the Learning Journey?
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Look to the top left corner.  Clicking the back arrow takes you back from an Activity, Stage, or Map.  If at any time you need to go straight back to the Writer’s Toolbox front page, use the home icon.


How can I track student progress?

Very shortly—before the end of 2022—we are releasing a brand new Learning Journey Manager.  Among other many powerful features, it will allow you to track individual student progress.  See below for more.


What happened to the modules overview?

You may have noticed the Modules overview has gone—that’s the Basics, Developing, Proficient, Advanced tabs at the top of the old Learning Journey.  Worry not.  By the end of 2022, the Learning Journey Manager will allow you to see all the Modules in one place and fully arrange them to suit individual and class needs.  In the meantime, find out what Modules your students have access to by clicking into each Stage of the Learning Journey Map. 


What is the new Learning Journey Manager?

Hold on to your hats, because as well as new data insights, you will be able to fully customise the Learning Journey at class and individual student level.  The Modules or Stages don’t fit your lesson plan?  Reorder them.  Some students need help with sentence structure, while others can’t grasp metaphor and simile?  Assign Modules to suit individual student needs.  Need to cover curriculum requirements?  No problem—each Module is mapped to it.


What happens to Learning Journey progress in the new school year?

New year, new Learning Journey!  Learning Journey progress is tied to the year, so as the new year rolls around students will receive a new Learning Journey to assist their year of learning.


Can I go back to the old Learning Journey?

Why would you?  The new Learning Journey is a massively-expanded version of the old one—interactive, overflowing with new content, fully-individualised, visually stunning.


Will the new Learning Journey work on all screens and browsers?

You bet.  The new Learning Journey can be accessed on mobiles, tablets, laptops, and desktops.  And of course, make sure your browser is up to date for the ultimate experience.


Does the new Learning Journey cost more?

No need to panic the finance department—it’s all part of your existing package.


We hope you and your students have a blast with the new Learning Journey.  If we’ve failed to answer your questions here, reach out to support@wtbox.com




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