/ Want your students to be active, engaged, and productive? We've got just the thing.
Want your students to be active, engaged, and productive? We've got just the thing.

Do your students stumble over the structure of an -Ed Start Sentence or forget the function of an Adverb Start?  Does Explore the Subject elude them; do commas confuse them? 

Not anymore.  Here are a couple of fab activities to get your class on their feet, mingle with their classmates, engage their brains, and get fluent in different writing skills. 

Sentence Stations

  1. In small groups, students grab a Writer’s Toolbox Creativity Pack and plan a story with one setting card, two character cards, two action cards, and two emotion cards.  
  2. Display Writer’s Toolbox Sentence Style Posters around your classroom.  It could be all 12 Sentence Styles, just the ones you’ve studied, or gnarly ones which need revision.  
  3. Tell each group to stand next to a specific Sentence Style poster.  Each group needs to use that Sentence Style as the first sentence of their story.  Assign a scribe for each group to write down their story on paper or in a Writer's Toolbox journal.
  4. Blow a whistle and tell each group to move to the next Sentence Style poster to their left.  There, they write the second sentence of their story in that Sentence Style.  And so on.  Continue as long as you wish, but it’s good to give some warning so students can bring their story to a natural close.
  5. When time’s up, students share their stories with other groups.  Extend with some editing time: other groups can suggest cool improvements, or spot grammar or punctuation errors. 
  6. Students finesse their stories, publish them on Writer’s Toolbox, and print them out for display.  They’ll be chuffed to bits.


A Week in the Life

  1. On a Monday—after your students have completed all the Sentence Style modules for their Writing Ability Level—lavish the walls of your classroom with all 12 Sentence Style posters.
  2. At a writable height, attach a piece of paper directly under each poster.  
  3. Give students until Friday to write an example sentence for each Sentence Style based on their personal experiences that week.  
  4. At the end of the week, hold a sentence auction—a perfect Friday send off.


What you’ll need:

  • Creativity Pack (60-card pack) 
  • Young Writer Sentence Style Posters (Prep - Y6, pack of 12), OR
  • Sentence Style Posters: High School Edition (Y7 - Y12, pack of 12)
  • Writing Journal (pack of 5): the perfect place to plan, brainstorm, and write as each journal contains a handy reference guide to the 12 Writer’s Toolbox Sentence Styles. 


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