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Writer's Toolbox is our Recipe for Success | Aviation State High School
ElisePosted by Elise, Oct 07 '22

Today, we’re catching up with David Munn.  He’s the proud Principal of Aviation State High School in Brisbane, which is into its fifth year of a school-wide partnership with Writer’s Toolbox.  Sitting down with a cuppa, David’s praise is immediate.  “It’s a recipe for success,” he says.  “Our writing results have improved immensely.  But, it’s not just the results.  It’s the quality of writing that students are producing.”

The key to Aviation High’s writing success is full immersion in the Writer’s Toolbox online platform.  “We love the modules,” says David, adding that the platform’s ability to differentiate content, save student work, and track progress means teachers can “identify and respond to student needs, despite their academic level.”

One Writer’s Toolbox feature students love is the daily writing challenge.  And at Aviation High, teachers also compete for the highest writing score or most creative response.  “Our teachers are actually modelling the expectation, and they even have little jibes at each other if they don't meet the mark.” 

That enthusiastic spirit for writing is passed onto the kids.  And when kids were fully immersed in the programme, says David, the whole school’s writing standard improved.  “When I first came here, we couldn't even get double figures as an A standard in national exams,” admits David.     

But thanks to Writer’s Toolbox, Aviation High’s Year 10 students are “over 95% with C and above; they’re nearly topping 30% with A’s only.  And that puts students on the road to success when they graduate.”  

Before we leave Aviation High, we ask David to tell us—in a Very Short Sentence—the impact Writer’s Toolbox has on Aviation High students:  “It’s been a godsend,” he replies.  Hooray to that, and thanks for your time, David. 

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